juroto's public fiddles

  • Inline-Block Nav (no extra space)

    This is the simple version of Juroto Page Navigation. The trick to having no extra space on the right of inline-block elements is not having any space in the HTML between the intended elements. My solution was, don't close list item tags. Apparently this is fine to do in HTML 5 and it works!

  • Juroto Page Navigation

    Uses display: inline-block instead of floating elements to create page navigation layout. The reason being that, even elements with no content will still be read. Which is important when the next or prev link doesn't appear when you are on the first or last page. If you floated elements, instead of using inline-block, any elements with no content would not be read, which would mess up the layout.

  • The Perfect Sticky Footer

    It sticks to the bottom of any window, especially when there isn't enough content to fill the screen! It doesn't overlap content! Unlike most fixed and absolutely positioned footers, this one stops at the bottom of the content & the scroll bar kicks in! It's purely HTML & CSS, no javascript required! It should work in all browsers, but don't quote me on that I haven't been able to test it in IE yet! Check it out!