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  • toFixed is not a function issue

    Seems to be a problem with setting minimum/maximum before any other dataPoints have arrived. And only when xValueType: "dateTime"

  • twzdfb45

    No-Library (pure JS), HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • problem with auto-calculation of viewportMinimum/Maximum for navigator

    Despite the documentation saying that viewportMaximum and viewportMinimum are auto-calculated for the navigator: https://canvasjs.com/docs/stockcharts/stockchart-options/navigator/axisx/ Their values seem to remain constant even when we use the navigator to zoom into a very small region. This can be very problematic for users as it becomes almost impossible to zoom into a small region using the navigator . For example, try zooming into the data of the attached fiddle using only the navigator. This combined with my previously submitted bug of not being able to zoom into "open-ended" regions means that it is effectively impossible for a user to zoom into the given region. I understand that I could potentially adjust the viewportMaximum and viewportMinimum of the navigator programatically/manually but for something that is supposed to be auto-calculated it would be nice if this just worked out of the box.

  • Zoom reset not working

    The zoom reset button stops working as soon as data is changed dynamically and stockChart.render() is called.

  • zoom into open-ended regions not working

    It appears that users can't zoom into a region if it is "open-ended". For example, if I start my zoom drag on "May 2019" and finish my zoom drag on "May 2020" then CanvasJS will refuse to zoom despite there being a sufficient number of points to zoom into. This becomes an even bigger problem if the data is being loaded progressively because it is more likely that users will want to zoom into regions that have not yet been populated.

  • rangeChanged not firing rangeChanging

    If you move the navigator slider you will see in the error console that the only event.type that ever fires is "rangeChanged" and never any "rangeChanging" as described in the documentation: https://canvasjs.com/docs/stockcharts/stockchart-options/range-changed/. Furthermore, it appears that "rangeChanged" is firing continuously as the slider is being moved. I would expect the "rangeChanging" would fire "onmousemove" and "rangeChanged" would fire on "onmouseup" so that we could avoid doing excessive updates on our side.

  • Slider issues

    No-Library (pure JS), HTML, CSS, JavaScript