cgspicer's public fiddles

  • focalPoint plugin

    A plugin in to determine the closest element to the screen's center in an array of elements. Useful for directed attention to the center-most element.

  • the unintuitive nature of :first-of-type

    The specification for CSS3's :first-of-type sounds like it would select the first occurrence of a child of a type within its parent element. However, counter intuitively, it is equivalent to nth-of-type(1); and selects the first child within a parent of the type, but only if it is the first child of that element.

  • inline menu thingy

    answering question on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13725728/multiple-inline-dropdown-menus-using-css-jquery

  • PICKLE Button!

    Showing Mallory some different binding methods. Should use this in the future to expand upon.

  • Scroll to change background-color (jquery)

    Changes the background-color over a scroll distance; built with jQuery color plugin. https://github.com/jquery/jquery-color This was in response to a twitter status ( https://twitter.com/alexwmccabe/status/270650199930724352 )