Adrián's public fiddles

  • nq6vpbvp

    No-Library (pure JS), HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • angular-viewportmise

    Angular directive that executes a promise when it is in the viewport. It also adds some classes to DOM to know if it is loading, loaded on in an error status. # How it works? angular-viewportmise exports a directive called ``vpm``. This directive may be used like this: ```html <!-- loader: Must be function returning a promise. --> <!-- loadOnViewport: True to load on viewport otherwise false. --> <div data-vlm data-loader="::getTestData" data-load-on-viewport="true"> </div> ``` angular-viewportmise will execute the method in two cases: - If loadOnViewport === true: When it is inside the viewport - If loadOnViewport === false: On load. Moreover, angular-viewportmise will add 3 classes depending on the status of the directive: - **vpm-loading**: When getData is set - **vpm-loaded**: When getData success - **vpm-error**: When getData fails # Third party libs used - angular-inview

  • To bind or not to bind

    An example of what's better, binding, wrapping a function or not binding when chaining promises.

  • Solar system simplified

    A solar system simplified made with just HTML and LESS

  • CSS Gears

    CSS gears made with just LESS and HTML

  • 9tzc4pup

    No-Library (pure JS), HTML, CSS, JavaScript