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// This grabs the file contents when the file changes
var openFile = function(event) {
	var input = event.target;

	// Instantiate FileReader
	var reader = new FileReader();
	reader.onload = function(){
		TheFileContents = reader.result;
		// Update the output to include the <img> tag with the data URL as the source
		document.getElementById("TheImageContents").innerHTML = '<h2>The image that you selected</h2><p><img width="200" src="'+TheFileContents+'" /></p>';
	// Produce a data URL (base64 encoded string of the data in the file)
	// We are retrieving the first file from the FileList object
<!-- We are going to display it in an <img> tag, so we will only accept image files -->
<input type='file' accept='images/*' onchange='openFile(event);'>
<div id="TheImageContents">