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$("#dropdown").on("change", function(){
	var selected = $(this).val();

$("#color").on("change", function(){
	var c = $(this).val();
  $("#selected").css("color", c);
<!-- Easy jQuery - Detecting Change in Dropdown option - #8 -->
Welcome to the eighth Easy jQuery Tutorial, part of <a href="http://www.easyprogramming.net">EasyProgramming.net</a>. In this tutorial, let's learn about detecting change in dropdown. 
We'll be using the 'change' event for the exercise below. 

Let's practice: 

<select id="dropdown">
	<option selected disabled>Pick a Topic</option>

<h3>You chose: <span id="selected"></span></h3>

<select id="color">
	<option selected disabled>Pick a color</option>