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// Declare a CIQ.ChartEngine object. This is the main object for drawing charts.
var stxx = new CIQ.ChartEngine({container: $$$(".chartContainer")}); 

// connect the chart to the feed
stxx.attachQuoteFeed(quoteFeedSimulator,{refreshInterval: 15});

//define the left axis for your renderer
var axis=new CIQ.ChartEngine.YAxis();
axis.decimalPlaces=0;            // no decimal places on the axis labels
axis.maxDecimalPlaces=0;        // no decimal places on the last price pointer

// set the renderer
renderer=stxx.setSeriesRenderer(new CIQ.Renderer.Lines({params:{name:"lines", type:"mountain", yAxis:axis}}));

// render the primary chart
        // in the callback, add series and attach to the renderer with a y axis on the left.
        // create your series and attach them to the chart when the data is loaded.
        stxx.addSeries("NOK", {display:"NOK",width:4},function(){
          renderer.attachSeries("NOK", "#FFBE00").ready();      
        stxx.addSeries("SNE", {display:"Sony",width:4},function(){
          renderer.attachSeries("SNE", "#FF9300").ready();
<div class="chartContainer" style="width:100%;height:400px;position:relative;"></div>

<script src="https://jsfiddle.chartiq.com/chart/js/chartiq.js"></script>
<script src="https://jsfiddle.chartiq.com/chart/js/quoteFeedSimulator.js"></script>