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Form.Validator.add('doesNotContain', {
  errorMsg: function(field, props){
    return 'The value you input cannot contain any of the following letters: ' + props.doesNotContain;
  test: function(field, props){
    if (props.doesNotContain)
      return !field.get('value').match(new RegExp('[' + props.doesNotContain + ']', 'i'));
    else return true;

new Form.Validator($('myform'), {
    evaluateFieldsOnBlur: false,
    evaluateFieldsOnChange: false,
    onElementValidate: function(isValid, field, className, warn){
      var validator = this.getValidator(className);
      if (!isValid && validator.getError(field)){
    onFormValidate: function(passed, myform, event) {
        if (passed) alert('Nice job!');
<form id="myform">
    <input type="text" class="doesNotContain:'qz'"/>
    <input type="submit">