• jscut Wizard example #87 is the latest revision

    Hopefully someone will fork this and turn it into a complete box generation wizard

    document.addEventListener('polymer-ready', function () {
        Polymer('main-page', {
            units: 'mm',
            boxWidth: 100,
            boxHeight: 100,
            nutWidth: 6,
            nutThickness: 5,
            nutSpacing: 4,
            screwDiameter: 4 ...
  • Demo jscut.geometry API #56 is the latest revision

    This API creates geometry compatible with jscut's CAM API

    window.addEventListener('HTMLImportsLoaded', function (e) {
        var svg = document.querySelector('svg');
        function addToSvg(attrs, geometry) {
            jscut.svg.addGeometryToSvg(svg, geometry, 90 ...
  • Embed jscut simulator #214 is the latest revision

    No-Library (pure JS), HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    // This executes after polymer finishes composing the templates.
    // It sets default values for simulator.
    document.addEventListener('polymer-ready', function () {
        var top ...
  • Workspace / TinyG

    This is a workspace for ChiliPeppr's Hardware Fiddle. It is geared towards CNC machines using TinyG and Shapeoko.

    // Makes sure we only run once jquery is loaded as well
    // as ensuring we don't load javascript libraries multiple ...