sujumaku's public fiddles

  • SbVBj

    Simple full screen background.

  • Socialico CSS

    Mootools 1.4.5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Entypo CSS

    An improved stylesheet to include with Entypo. It has a class for aria fallback (if required) and a class to access each individual icon. The naming of each icon isn't perfect, that is one part that could certainly be improved. I have adjust the font-size and position of each icon to match the demo, it can easily be adjusted in the .icon:before rule. I've also encoded the font in base-64 to "bulletproof" it. Losing a text font is a visual style issue, losing an icon font is a major usability issue. I believe it necessary to base-64 all icon fonts to fix this problem. Most icon fonts don't come with this sort of stylesheet, which makes the font difficult to use. Each user has to find out or decide on their own implementation of the icons. If an icon font is being delivered for web use it should include a sample of the best way to use the font. This is what I have attempted to do. Please do with this as you see fit. I made it because I am very particular about typography online, especially icon font implementation. I hope this stylesheet will prove useful to both you and your users.

  • Foundation Grid Example

    An example of the foundation grid with the min/max width set to 960. Both of these values can change depending on the requirements of the layout.

  • Heydings Icons CSS

    I was looking for a font with a simple yet accessible-friendly method of using icons in css. I couldn't find one with an implementation I liked, so I created this css file for the wonderful icon set by Heydon Pickering.

  • HGFe5

    Mootools 1.4.3 (compat), HTML, CSS, JavaScript