• Chart g.raphael - Test #1 is the latest revision

    How to customize the label of a line chart - v0.1

    var r = Raphael('testGraph', 1000, 600);
    var x = 100,
        y = 100,
        xlen = 300,
        ylen = 200,
        gutter = 20,
        xdata = [1, 14 ...
  • jQuery Mobile Collapsible

    Experiment with jQuery mobile and collapsible sections. Trying to to scroll an expanded area.

    $('#nav_menu h3').live('tap', function(e){
        var $this = $(this);
        $('html, body').animate({
            scrollTop: $this.offset().top             
  • CKEditor Character Count

    Start typing in the WYSIWYG editor and you will see a real-time count of characters remaining with an animated bar. Also works with paste events.

    jQuery(function() {
        //set up the editor instance for ckeditor
        var editor = CKEDITOR.replace('textcounter', {
            toolbar: [['Source'], ['Cut', 'Copy', 'PasteText'], ['Undo ...
  • Folder drap and drop #1 is the latest revision

    Native drag and drop for folders on input type="file" using multiple webkitdirectory

                var files, 
                    input = document.getElementById("fileURL"), 
                    output = document.getElementById("fileOutput");
                input.addEventListener("change", function(e) {
                    files = e ...
  • Backbone Collection in Model

    jQuery (edge), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebug Lite

    var returnData = {
        pageNumber: 3,
        summaryList: [
            id: 5,
            name: 'name1'},
            id: 6,
            name: 'name2'}
    JobSummary = Backbone.Model.extend({});
    JobSummaryList = Backbone.Collection ...
  • Backbone.ModelBinder not refreshing Jquery Mobile UI

    Notice that if you run the following command (using Chrome dev console or similar), model binder does does not refresh the jquery mobile ui: model.set({test: "2"}); Now if you manually refresh the select box, you can refresh the ui: $('#bindTest').selectmenu('refresh',true); Now if you remove Jquery Mobile UI references, refreshes to view occur as expected.

            $().ready(function () {
                dogs = new Backbone.Collection({model:Backbone.Model});
                dogs.add({id:1, name:'Andy', collar: 'yellow'});
                dogs.add({id ...
  • Fundamentals of Programming

    A little JavaScript tutorial for CAR 2011.

    <h1>Fundamentals of Programming&hellip;</h1>
    <div class="para">
        All JavaScript (JS) code will be written in a monospaced font, and looks <tt>"like&nbsp;this"</tt>. You can ...</div>
  • Flip CSS

    jQuery 1.8.3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    // set up hover panels
    // although this can be done without JavaScript, we've attached these events
    // because it causes the ...
  • bootstrap css with jquery carousel #1 is the latest revision

    jQuery 1.7.2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 2.0.2 (js only)

    $('.carousel').carousel() WebRep
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  • Angular Password Example

    The following is a demo password generator app that showcases angular's rich declarative templates, data-binding, MVC, xhr service, and depenency injection.

    // url of the service
    var SERVICE_URL = 'http://angularjs.org/generatePassword.php' + '?callback=JSON_CALLBACK';
    // Dependency Injector injects $xhr service
    function PasswordController ...