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 $(function() {
      allowClear: true,
      placeholder: "Pick a State"

    //Select2 Event handler for selecting an item
    $('select').on("select2:selecting", function(evt, f, g) {
      disableSel2Group(evt, this, true);

    // Select2 Event handler for unselecting an item
    $('select').on("select2:unselecting", function(evt) {
      disableSel2Group(evt, this, false);

  // At some point during the select2 instantation it created the 
  // data object it needs with the source select option.
  // This function, called by the events above to set the current status for the
  // group for which the selected option belongs.
  function disableSel2Group(evt, target, disabled) {
    // Found a note in the Select2 formums on how to get the item to be selected

    var selId = evt.params.args.data.id;
    var group = $("option[value='" + selId + "']").attr("groupid");

    var aaList = $("option", target);
    $.each(aaList, function(idx, item) {
      var data = $(item).data("data");

      var itemGroupId = $("option[value='" + data.id + "']").attr("groupid");
      if (itemGroupId == group && data.id != selId) {
        data.disabled = disabled;
<select multiple style="width: 300px">
  <optgroup label="Alaskan/Hawaiian Time Zone">
    <option groupid="a" value="AK">Alaska</option>
    <option groupid="a" value="HI">Hawaii</option>
  <optgroup label="Pacific Time Zone">
    <option groupid="b" value="CA">California</option>
    <option groupid="b" value="NV">Nevada</option>
    <option groupid="b" value="OR">Oregon</option>
    <option groupid="b" value="WA">Washington</option>



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