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<p> What are Inline Elements ? </p>
<p> Inline Elements- Which all elements to exist on the same line </p>

<!-- Lets see couple of examples of inline elements in html. In the first example we will see Ancor tag  -->

<p> Example 1 we will use Ancor tag - &#60;a&#62; </p>

<a href="http://jvickyj.blogspot.in/">vicky's Blog</a>
<a href="http://rohitghatol.com/?page_id=2">Rohit Ghatol's Blog</a>

<!-- The above example shows that those 2 links Vicky's Blog and Rohit Ghatol's blog, they are on the same line. Though the codes above are writen on 2 different line -->

<p> Example 2 using the span tag -  &#60;span&#62; </p>
<!--example 2 using Span tag, below given 2 lines are writen on 2 differnt line but the output of this is on the same line -->

<span> Example 1 : Hello world! using Span tag </span>
<span> Example 2 : Hello pune! using span tag </span>