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<p> What are Block Elements in HTML 5 ? </p> <p>Block Elements – Which take up a block of area on HTML, forcing next element to come on next line </p><p>Lets see couple of example below using a paragraph tag - &#60;p&#62; </p>

<!-- We are using paragraph tags, We are writing this tag on the same line check the below given example. The output will show you example 1 and example 2 will be on 2 lines --> 

<p> Pragraph tag Example 1 </p> <p> Paragraph tag Example 2 </p>

<p>Second example we will see using div tag - &#60;div&#62; </p>

<div> div tag Example 1 </div> <div> div tag Example 2 </div> 

<p> Third example A horizontal rule/line is created </p>

<hr> </hr> <hr> </hr> <hr> </hr> <hr> </hr>