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// Declare a CIQ.ChartEngine object. This is the main object for drawing charts.
var stxx = new CIQ.ChartEngine({
  container: $$$(".chartContainer")

// connect the chart to the feed
stxx.attachQuoteFeed(quoteFeedSimulator, {
  refreshInterval: 15


// Load the primary chart
  "SPY", null,
  function() {

    // In the callback, add a series that creates a renderer with a y axis on the left. 
    // Make sure to give it an explicit name so you can then use it to attach more series to it,
    // allowing multiple series to be linked to the same left y-axis. 
    // Note that all series attached to the same renderer become one group, and will be moved and deleted together.
    // So to maintain individuality, you must have a render per series: See https://jsfiddle.net/chartiq/uo97g326/

      "NOK", {
        renderer: "Lines", // create a line renderer
        //type: "mountain", 				// of mountain type
        yAxis: { // and give it its own y axis 
          position: "left", // on the left
          textStyle: "#0044FF", // with labels of color #0044FF
          decimalPlaces: 0, // no decimal places on the labels
          maxDecimalPlaces: 0, // and no defimal places on the last price floating label either.
        name: "left_axis_renderer", // Call the custom renderer "left_axis_renderer", so it can be referenced by other series.
        color: "#FFBE00", // Set the line color to "#FFBE00"
        //width: 4,									// and a width of 4.
        display: "NOK Sample", // Finally, use a different display name of "NOK Sample" on the tooltip.
      function() {
        stxx.addSeries( // Now that the first series and rederer has been set
          "SNE", { // add the 2nd series using that same renderer.
            name: "left_axis_renderer",
            color: "#FF1300",
            display: "Sony Sample",

    // This one attaches automatically to the primary series. So no renderer/axis is needed.
    stxx.addSeries("IBM", {
      display: "Primary axis line - right",
      color: 'purple',
      shareYAxis: true
    }, function() {});
<div class="chartContainer" style="width:100%;height:400px;position:relative;"></div>

<script src="https://jsfiddle.chartiq.com/chart/js/chartiq.js"></script>
<script src="https://jsfiddle.chartiq.com/chart/examples/feeds/quoteFeedSimulator.js"></script>